Do I have to acquire new equipment to access the virtual videoconference room?

Users will be using the video conferencing terminals and software they already have. It isn’t necessary to acquire new tools or software. You can connect with all users, regardless of the technology they are using in meetings of any size.


Can a video conference be held if another person has a different system?

All people can access through different platforms, if you are using Microsoft Lync, it’s what you will be using. And in a very simple way you can drag and drop contacts in your meetings without worrying about what number to use or what system you are using.


Is there data security?, Can others access our videoconference?

It is a totally secure platform and people who are not invited can not access the videoconferences.


Do you use the Internet videoconferencing system as a means of transmission?

You can connect to video conferences, through the Internet, as Pexip Infinity is available for most web browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.


Can I use mobile devices to access the video conference?

Yes, this conference management application is available for iOS devices (App store) and Android (Play Store). for iOS devices (App store) and Android (Play Store).


How many connections can be established for a video conference?

It can be connected to multiple virtual rooms in its headquarters, outside its headquarters, being out of the office and with people anywhere in the world, with an unlimited number of connections.


If we have an internal network. Can I also use the Videoconference with this network?

Yes, the implementation of Pexip Infinity, like any other company software, can be done in your own data center or in a private or public cloud. Pexip Infinity can also be implemented in a hybrid way, one part in the private cloud and another part in the public cloud. Pexip Infinity uses the license models with which you are familiar.
It simply allows you to manage the entire collaboration solution from the comfort of your own office, saving money in every way.


Can you see Power Point presentations and other things like that?

Yes, you can see presentations, share content and chat. Infinity Connect can also be used to make outbound point-to-point calls when used in conjunction with the distributed Pexip Gateway.

Do I need specific hardware?

Pexip Infinity works on standard x86 server hardware, usually it is hardware that you already own or can buy through the existing relationship with your standard server provider (Dell, HP, Supermicro, IBM, Cisco, etc.).


Are the licenses by equipment and user? How many licenses could I buy at least?

Pexip Infinity uses centralized licensing. A simple pool of shared licenses throughout the entire Pexip Infinity implementation, regardless of the number of Conference Nodes installed or the data center number used. The licenses are used by event and will be available when a user disconnects from the meeting, which means that it will be available for another. This flexibility allows you to keep your users as local traffic, wherever they may be.
Initially you can acquire a minimum of 6 licenses and when you have the need to expand your initial deployment, you just need to implement more Conference Nodes in more places, using more servers.


What software is exactly what I need?

Pexip Infinity is perfectly adapted to the existing Microsoft environment. This allows Lync and S4B users to participate in a meeting with others, regardless of the systems they are using, Lync / S4B, web browsers or traditional video conferencing terminals. Of course, everyone will enjoy high quality audio, high definition video and can share presentations. It works perfectly with S4B, Lync 2010, 2013 and Lync.


What is a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)?

It is a network device that is used as a bridge in audioconference and videoconference connections.


Is Pexip a multi-point platform?

Yes, it is a software-based virtualized multipoint conference platform, running on standard servers, which means it can be deployed quickly and easily with the flexibility to scale as needed.