Pexip Infinity is a conference and collaboration platform that allows video, audio and content communications through multiple devices and tools, so your organization can improve collaboration between teams and make decisions faster.

Virtual meetings cost is just a fraction of traditional systems cost, and it's as easy to use and manage as your phone or email.

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¿Why Pexip?



Pexip Infinity makes it possible for your legacy video conferencing systems to connect to Microsoft® Skype® for Business, web browsers, tablets, smartphones, audio conferences and more. Because it has full support for the existing standard protocols of the telecommunications industry (SIP, H.323), as well as other technologies (HTML5, Microsoft® Lync, Skype®, RTMP, WebRTC).

Conference attendees can connect from a wide variety of devices to the virtual meeting room, using their personal phones and tablets, their computers through the web or with desktop applications or some messaging tools such as Skype®.



Pexip Infinity is a scalable meeting platform, each of the people in your company can have their own virtual conference room at very low cost, in addition to having utilities to use and manage it easily.



Virtualized Platform

Pexip Infinity is virtualized software, which offers access to updates, improvements and new features. It also allows you to choose how and when you update, scale, deploy and manage the platform. It runs as virtual machines in VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V in such a way that Infinity can be managed as simply as any other business software.

More key features

  • Scheduling virtual meeting rooms native to Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365
  • Video, audio and content conferences with business quality
  • Native user experience for mixed meetings with Pexip and Microsoft® Skype® for Business thanks to the Pexip Fusion technology
  • Marketing possibilities for the company with the Pexip Infinity platform
  • You can run it in your local data center, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Can be deployed in the cloud with Microsoft® Azure® and Amazon Web Services, Pexip Infinity is certified for the HPE Helion cloud
  • Customer registration and control of media calls SIP, H.323 and Infinity Connect
  • Single license for all platform functionalities
  • It is a leading platform in the industry for its reliability and resilience
  • Deploying, managing and using the Pexip Infinity platform is simple

Quick specifications for Pexip Infinity 15

Concept Virtualized, distributed, scalable media platform for on-premises and cloud
Video codecs H.261, H.263, H.264, RTV, VP8, VP9, RDP
Audio codecs G711, 722, 729, Siren/14, Opus, AAC-Lx, Speex, Silk, and more
Browsers Microsoft® Edge, Internet Explorer, Apple® Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and many others
Content Full bi-directional dual-stream content sharing between the majority of supported solutions, including VbSS
IM/Presence SIP SIMPLE for all supported clients
Scheduling Native VMR scheduling for Microsoft® Exchange 2013, 2016 and Office 365
Integrations Streaming, recording, scheduling, policies, analytics, third party provisioning, and many other third party extensions
API Comprehensive RESTful APIs
Management LDAP/AD provisioning, policies, single-node
Node types Management Node, Conferencing Nodes, Media Proxying Edge Nodes
Security 128-bit AES, DTLS, conference locking, and role-based PIN support
Registering SIP, H.323, Infinity Connect for Windows, OS X, Linux
Branding Fully customizable for all elements across all platforms included as standard
Licensing Simple licensing for platform capacity, VMRs, audio, and scheduling
Server requirements Intel x86, Sandy Bridge E5-2600/4600 or newer
Hypervisors WMware® ESXi® 5.x or newer, Microsoft® Hyper-V® , Xen, KVM, generic
Cloud support Microsoft® Azure, Amazon Web Services, HPE Helion. Private, public, hybrid. Automated bursting from on-premises to cloud (Microsoft® Azure and AWS).